Business Owners

Business Owners

Business Owners and the Self-Employed

Over the years, several of our clients have developed successful businesses. Building and sustaining a successful business demands a great deal of focus and dedication, which can sometimes lead to sacrifices in other parts of one’s life. Cedar Smith comes to the rescue in this area. We assist our clients in making the most of their finances and ensuring that their money is working hard for them, allowing them to focus on what is most important to them.

Personal and Corporate Investments

Entrepreneurs’ financial situations are often complicated, and their business and personal investments may be intertwined. The experts at Cedar Smith have the tools needed to deal with complex situations. A person’s business is frequently their most valuable asset. In this situation, it’s vital to invest the rest of one’s assets in a way that balances risk and asset classes. When a client sells their business, we can help them invest lump sum proceeds and create regular and future income streams.

Keeping Your Assets Safe

Protecting your capital, which includes both business and personal assets, is one of our responsibilities as financial advisers. Many entrepreneurs and business owners are underinsured in a variety of areas where they may be vulnerable. Cedar Smith advisers evaluate risk management to ensure that not only your business, but also your home, personal, and family assets are safe.

Exiting Your Company

Many of our clients have successful businesses that they intend to continue for many years. Selling a firm, passing ownership to a family member, or both are examples of exiting a business. People frequently do not know which solution is ideal for them. Starting to plan early, regardless of the situation, leads to more successful outcomes, especially when shifting business assets into personal wealth.

When clients wish to sell their business, we assist them in determining how much they need to sell it for in order to meet their financial objectives. We also help clients who want to pass their company on to a family member or a valued employee. Cedar Smith experts can assist with the transition, including how it affects estate planning and how to work with family members to maintain continuity.

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