Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Investment management is incomplete without financial planning. It entails taking a step back and looking at a client’s total financial picture on a macro level, as well as recommending strategies to achieve short- and long-term financial objectives. Some clients require one-time counsel on a specific topic, such as estate planning. Others receive thorough financial planning and continuous guidance.

Every new customer should be treated as a person, not a portfolio. This is the guiding principle of holistic investment management. Financial planning is a branch of investment management that considers all aspects of a person’s finances and life. Because the advice we give in one area typically has an impact on another, a holistic approach is the most successful. Our recommendations are tailored to each person’s unique priorities and circumstances.

When a client’s adviser has a thorough understanding of their financial situation, the client will get the best investment recommendations. Even if a customer merely wants direct investing advice, advisers must make sure that each recommendation is appropriate for that person. Investment professionals must understand the broad picture of their clients’ lives in order to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities. Your Cedar Smith adviser may address the following aspects of your finances with you:

  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Education savings
  • Long-term care
  • Insurance & family protection
  • Trusts & tax sheltering


Cashflow modelling is one of the tools used to ensure future financial security. This process analyzes future wants and needs to make financial projections. It then examines the specifics of existing income, expenditures, and investments to see whether those requirements will be satisfied, and, if not, what changes are required. It’s a continuing process. Advisers can make appropriate changes based on the results of periodic reviews.

Financial planning optimizes investing, and investing optimizes financial planning. Investment advisers can refine their suggestions and give people the best possible outcomes when they have a comprehensive financial strategy in place.

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