Investment Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Cedar Smith Management, we believe that long-term financial success necessitates a comprehensive, holistic approach that includes optimizing clients’ financial resources to best protect and grow wealth in order to achieve all of their personal goals.

Our advisers help our clients to see the big picture. Experience has shown us that the best method for customers to attain their objectives is through adequate diversification and disciplined investment strategies based on established concepts. This also gives you a sense of security. We are dedicated to evidence-based investing principles.

Objectivity is required for successful wealth management. Certainly, one’s sentiments about money play a part in determining the best investing approach for each person with whom we deal. However, we know that reducing the impact of emotions on financial decisions optimizes results.

Years of expertise, professional training, and academic study inform our investment ideas. Cedar Smith advisers work directly with clients to determine and implement the ideal investment mix, as well as make adjustments as needed. Working within this framework ensures that we are proactive rather than reactive, which helps all of our clients.

Our investment philosophy is based on well-established core concepts for maximizing wealth creation and preservation. We believe that diversification is critical, that markets are efficient, that expert investing balances risk and prospective returns, and that the structure of a portfolio impacts its performance.

These core tenets create the framework for constructing portfolios that maximize asset allocation while minimizing costs. We focus heavily on expected sources of greater long-term investment returns, avoid market timing, and are always researching new industries, asset classes, and strategies that may improve our clients’ returns.

Clients taking a long-term approach to investing are the most successful. Short-term investment returns on investments can be quite erratic. Rather of chasing the market, investing for the long term lowers the impacts of volatility and allows for more peace of mind.