Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Planning brings the future into the present, allowing you to take action now. We cannot emphasize enough the need for planning ahead, especially as life expectancies rise. Retirement can last up to a third of a person’s life. The average person will need to save enough money to last twenty years. This presents a slew of issues. How much money will I need in retirement? Will I be able to make ends meet? How much wealth will I need to generate a decent living? What are the tax consequences?

These questions don’t have a simple answer. Regulations governing pensions are always changing, and the situation is complex. Furthermore, each person has a unique set of circumstances, is subject to the laws of various jurisdictions, and has distinct risk criteria.

The single most important part of retirement planning is just to get started. We are focused on your future at Cedar Smith, and your adviser will assist you along the way. Retirement planning can be approached in a variety of ways. Whatever your retirement plans are, we’ll take a look at them and offer recommendations if necessary to ensure that you can achieve all of your goals. We can help you figure out how much money you’ll need in retirement to maintain your lifestyle, as well as how much you’ll need to expand your net worth to achieve your objectives. We also assess potential risks and expenses to ensure you are adequately protected.

We can assist you in the following ways:

Investment Analysis: Evaluating the investment performance and costs of retirement plans and pensions.

Forecasting: Calculating if your present contributions are sufficient to achieve the income needed to finance your retirement by estimating the future value of your worldwide assets.

Risk Assessment: Examining your pension investments to see if they’re appropriate.

Insurance and Inheritance Tax: Protecting your family in the event of death, whether before or after retirement.

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