Foundations, Endowments and Charities

Giving back to others gives meaning to one’s life. Many of our clientele are active participants in charitable organizations or have family trusts. Cedar Smith is here to assist any organization, whether it’s a charity, a foundation, or an endowment, in achieving its goals. Our financial experts provide investment advice that is in line with your objectives and mission. Our expertise in portfolio construction, research, due diligence, and ongoing monitoring adds further value.

Managing these types of accounts necessitates a different strategy than managing personal or business accounts. Institutional controls, board processes, legal frameworks, and personal dynamics are just a few of the subtleties that are unique to non-profits. We work closely with board members and executive teams to help them make informed decisions and make investments that are consistent with their mission and beliefs. We provide non-profit clients with tax-exempt status optimization solutions, as well as risk reduction and impact initiatives.

Setting Objectives and Providing Strategic Advice

Reviewing your vision, goals, and financial details is the first step. Following that, we work with your team to define your objectives and assess how they currently correspond with your mission, investment strategy, and fiduciary responsibilities. We discuss the importance of impact investing. Then we put it all together to produce a strategic plan that will allow for possible changes in the organization’s goals, as well as financial outcomes and governance. Our advising services are tailored to your company’s mission and culture.

Impact Investing

Some organizations are primarily concerned with safeguarding their assets and generating sufficient revenue to accomplish their goals. Others want to maximize the impact of their investment capital. ESG strategies can be used in impact investing. It can also entail investing in businesses that are associated with a charity’s or foundation’s objective.

Typically, charities and foundations invest their funds in safe and secure assets, but they may opt to allocate a portion of their funds to enterprises that support their cause. A charity established to fund disease research, for example, might invest in the stocks of companies performing similar work. Any investment has the ability to make a difference. At Cedar Smith, we work with our non-profit clients to help them invest with wisdom and purpose in order to maximize their positive influence.

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